Sunday, April 22, 2007

Checking In

i think i had actually forgotten how much i loved to blog... until this morning... things are calming down... life is becoming a little less busy one day at a time... which is really good.. i have been really hectic lately... i feel bad for r... having to put up with me... whew... anyways, i guess i had a "realization" that i have to calm down... anyways, i don't want to bring up all the old negative stuff so... friday night i had an hour and a half massage! it was a treat to myself for working so hard... it was nice!!! r and i went out to km's last night and watched the race... carl did good, he came in 11th... not bad at all... he's 8th in the points right now which is excellent!! (the top 12 drivers in points are in the chase the last 10 races)... so today i'm going to clean the house... tomorrow morning i have to be at the hospital at 6:30 for my first cortizone epidural injection... i plan on coming home tomorrow morning after my shot, relax/nap, and then tomorrow afternoon work on my unemployment tax and quarterly payroll tax reports that are due the 30th... that way i won't have to worry about doing them at work... which will allow me to get caught up at work... i have a few "time sensitive" things i need to get done at work... work has been hectic lately... that's a whole other story for a different time though... i'm keeping it positive for now... so i think i'm off to clean the house now... do some laundry... then r and i are going to watch some movies that we got in from netflix... we haven't watched any movies on our new tv yet so that's what we're going to do this afternoon!


kellykellykelly said...

glad life is starting to slow down for you. i hope that tomorrow is a road to recovery for you so that you can feel better again. love you girl!

kilax said...

Does this mean you are back for good, because I miss your posts!

Let us know if the injection makes you feel any better - I hope so!

courtneym said...

thank you both so much!!!
i hope this means i'm back!!! that would be awesome!!!