Friday, January 09, 2009


Happy (Belated) New Years to everyone!!!! Here’s to hoping that everyone has a most excellent 2009!!!
Vacation was good and so far 2009 has been stellar!!! Over vacation dc and I went skiing in Colorado… we had a blast (gotta love credit card miles)!!

Other highlights, I found out that I got the one thing I was really wanted for Christmas, dc to move back!!! He hasn’t moved all of his stuff back yet, we’re going to go down one weekend and get it because his roommate is using it right now, but, he is back!!! YAY!!! I met all of dc’s family over the holidays and they were all really nice, not that I was expecting anything less… we got to play golf one day!!! I hit a 189 yard drive and got my first par!!! That was exciting!!! I can’t seem to find my motivation as far as exercising goes… it’s been gone and doesn’t seem to be coming back… I’m really ready for the time change and warmer weather… there is so much more to do outside… being cooped up inside the house all the time makes me not want to do anything… I had a whole ton of stuff that I was going to blog about but now that I’ve actually started blogging it has all just escaped my mind… so, with that being said I’ll post some pics of our Colorado trip... you can see the rest (actually, all) of the pics here.

dc and I at the Ore House in Vail:

Frisco: where we stayed

Me skiing:

dc skiing:

Looking up the mountain:

Looking down the ski trail (Wrangler):

And... borrowed from Post Secret....

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