Sunday, June 03, 2007

Suggestions Please?

i have been in dire need of 2 things lately that i cannot seem to find... any ideas or suggestions of where i can find these 2 things?!?! online preferably...
1- sheets.... last year r and i bought a king size bed with an over-sized mattress... i cannot for the life of me find any sheets that fit and that are good and comfy... no stiff sheets.... sheets are one thing i don't mind spending money on... i love good sheets!!!
2- capris... i need a good basic pair of denim capris... just like jeans but capris... and for some reason every where i look, i cannot find any capris... they're all like super low waist (can't do- i have a "muffin top"), skinny (another can't do), or crazy looking.... old navy used to be the place to get the capris i'm talking about and for two years no such luck...
i would appreciate any help at all!!! i seem to be lost!


mannyed said...

Hi! Thanks for the well wishes you left for me on the blog :o)

Let's see sheets...what about a department store like Macy's; I guess you guys have Dillard's? Kohl's? I heard someone got really fab sheets on eBay! Worth a look. Also, there is this online place called, The Company. Let me know if they help. I have some more suggestions.

And Capri Jeans? Hmm...Maybe AnnTaylor Loft; Macy's; Do you have a New York and Company? Maybe there.

kilax said...

I often get sheets at Target. If you buy the expensive ones, they last more than a few years.

I was going to suggest Kohl's or JC PEnney's for capris. BUt who knows where to find decent close anymore.

courtneym said...

thanks for the suggestions!!! i'm going to have to do some shopping now!! i'll keep you posted on how the shopping goes!!