Thursday, April 02, 2009

Updating... Kitty Claws

Update on my dilemma with the kitties… I called the vet this morning and talked to them about having the kitties de-clawed… in a way I am relieved because it’s a no-go… they are too old and the lady said that they wouldn’t do it because of their age… apparently if they de-claw older cats there is a higher chance that they will quit using their litter box…. So my vet won’t do it… which is fine by me… so I’ve spent all day researching alternatives…. I’m going to get a spray that is supposed to help stop them from clawing furniture and carpet and stuff… I’m also thinking about maybe a catnip infused scratching post… the soft paws/claws seem to be an ok idea (if you can get them on) but I’m going to try the spray first… the soft paws are about $20 a package and each set will last for about 3 to 4 weeks on average and there are 40 in a package… the vet will put them on for $25… I’ve read that you can put them on yourself but I honestly don’t know how well that would work… the kitties hate having their nails trimmed, I can’t imagine trying to glue the caps on, dc has to hold them by the neck just so they don’t scratch me to pieces… we decided we would try the spray and other stuff first and see if that would work… keep your paws crossed!!!


kilax said...

I must admit, I am happy to hear that they are not going to be declawed. Let us know how the other methods work. I WILL keep my paws crossed! :)

courtneyl said...

don't feel bad, i am so super relieved that the kitties aren't going to be de-clawed!!! you have no idea!!!!